May 14 to June 8, 2011  



Example of our program (2015)

A message from your professor, Dr. Ervan Garrison,

One quarter of all UGA students now study abroad. UGA's Study Abroad Europe, a non-profit, UGA sponsored program, has taken UGA classes to Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, and Scotland since 1998.  In 2015, we will repeat our program in Switzerland and Scotland!  The prehistory and early history of the United Kingdom meshes well with that of Switzerland.  Both were Celtic lands before the Roman conquest and flourishing provinces thereafter. UGA students will learn, earning 6 credit hours, as they travel to the historic sites in these two countries and they will be amazed at the natural beauty of both.   I look forward to having you join me and my colleagues, Phyllis Pritchett de Martini and Nick Dixon in Europe next Maymester. 




Dr. Ervan Garrison                                     Phyllis Pritchett de Martini                                Dr . Nicholas Dixon

    Course Director                                 Studies Abroad Coordinator                  Director of the Scottish Trust

    UGA Professor                                    Swiss/American Art Historian                 for Underwater Archeology

of Geology and Anthropology                                                                                 Fellow at the University of Edinburgh





          Come with us to


In Switzerland, you will spend a day in a reconstructed Neolithic village, where you will  relive a typical day 4000 years ago, cooking,   starting fires, making tools and using Stone  Age  weapons.   You will visit the ancient Roman city of  Aventicum.   Among  its  many  artifacts the museum contains the famous bust of  Emperor Marcus Auralius, the only known example in solid gold.     After a visit to the unique site of  the Petit Chasseur in Sion on a Friday, students are free for the weekend and in close proximity  to Zermatt, the  Matterhorn and  famous alpine areas for hiking and sightseeing.     


                                                  and Scotland                    


The reconstruction at The Scottish Crannog  Centre is based on the excavation evidence from the 2,600 year old site of 'Oakbank Crannog', one of the 18 crannogs preserved in Loch Tay. Students will visit the Centre and archaeological sites around the loch.  Students can try out the Iron Age logboats and will take a boat trip in the loch to see some of the other crannog sites.


  ANTH 3290 & ANTH 4900

Prehistory of Europe

(6 credit hours)


Students enroll for 6 hours.  The courses

 are offered during the Maymester.


Cost $3900.--


plus UGA tuition, fees and program costs ($1500.-- for 6 credit hours)*

(including lodging and meals  Monday thru Friday lunch  (weekends you are free to travel).


*Airfare and rail pass are excluded,

typically airfares are $1200 r/t Atlanta to Zurich or Geneva

Approximate Easyjet fare Switzerland to Scotland - $250.


Travel needs of each student will be

evaluated once they are enrolled. 


HOPE scholarship students are encouraged to apply.


Honors Program credit available


6 credit hours



Deadline to sign up for this program



March 15, 2015




ANTH 3290 & ANTH 4900:

Celtic & Pre-Celtic Prehistory

Special Topics in Prehistory of Europe

The archaeology of western and central Europe from Late Paleolithic

to the Roman Conquest.  A hands-on seminar of Stone-to-Iron Ages

 with site and museum visits.  A research paper on a topic selected

 in Europe is due at the end of the classes in Maymester

 for credit in ANTH 4900.


Note:These courses must be taken together

3 weeks.  May 10 - 30, 2015


Program Agenda

The University of Georgia Studies Abroad program offers you the opportunity to study in Europe with knowledgeable UGA faculty.  This is a field based experience in Celtic and prehistoric civilizations with emphasis on Switzerland and Scotland. Specialized local guides enhance the learning experience. 

The first 10 days, you will be in French-speaking Switzerland.  You will live in a medieval walled city intact from 1500 a.d., and visit the city, its castle, convent and museum.



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